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Your dream kitchen awaits…

The kitchen is the place you not only cook in, but socialize, gather, + entertain.  It’s where all of the action of the home combines + where your family spends the most of their time.  It’s not only the heart of your home…but a hub with a heartbeat.  The kitchen is a space that must function + perform many tasks + even the smallest of spaces, when designed with intelligence, will function so well that tasks flow from one to another seamlessly.

“What can we say…kitchens are our specialty! The kitchen is a space that must work and perform many tasks and it always amazes me how even the smallest of spaces, once designed with intelligence, can function so well that tasks flow from one to another seamlessly.”

Our team has decades of combined experience specifically in kitchen design.  Being immersed in the field day in + out, allows us to expose our clients to the newest innovations + ideas in the field while creating a space uniquely suited to their family + lifestyle.

Photo Jan 18 2023, 12 36 58 PM.jpg

Understand the process…

Before embarking on the design, Lindsay + her team will meet with you to gather the information they need to hone in on style, discuss the functionality of the space, sets budgets + timelines, all while taking into consideration the rest of the home + how the new cabinetry design will complement the adjacent spaces. With the information + measurements gathered, the design phase begins + initial drawings are produced complimented by estimates + potential material choices.

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