your dream kitchen awaits…

The kitchen is the place you not only cook, but socialize, gather, entertain, and do homework.  It’s where all of the action of the home combines and where your family spends the most time.  It’s not only the heart of your home…but the hub.

“What can we say…kitchens are our specialty! The kitchen is a space that must work and perform many tasks and it always amazes me how even the smallest of spaces, once designed with intelligence, can function so well that tasks flow from one to another seamlessly.”

understand the process…

Before embarking on the design, Lindsay & her team will meet with you to gather the information they need to hone in on style, discuss the functionality of the space, sets budgets and timelines, all while taking into consideration the rest of the home and how the new cabinetry design will complement the adjacent spaces. With the information and measurements gathered, the design phase begins and initial drawings are produced complimented by estimates and potential material choices.

“Once we get the design approved, all the wheels start turning. Cabinetry, countertops, hardware are all ordered. Working construction drawings are produced to support the renovation or new build. Lighting plans are generated tailored to the design. It’s a procedure driven dance getting all the pieces to come together on time for our clients.”


the installation…

Cabinetry installation is a highly skilled trade. Working with pre-finished cabinetry components takes a high level of craftsmanship that shines through to the end result. With all of the efforts to create a beautiful kitchen, the actual installation brings all of the fine details together.

“Our installer Josh is incredible at what he does! The amount of thought and care that goes into each piece he touches is always appreciate by our clients. The level of comfort and trust my clients experience with him sets everyone at ease at an otherwise nail biting time of excitement as the project comes to life.”