Cabinetry comes in hundreds of materials, styles, and finishes allowing endless opportunities and combinations. From sleek metals and lustrous lacquers to rich hand rubbed wood stains and distressing packages…there is something for all tastes.

Door styles range from traditional to modern and can even be customized to suit your specific project. No matter the scale or budget of the project, the options are vast. You can even bring in your favourite paint colour and your cabinetry can be made to match!  We deal in Canadian made cabinetry built to last.


Countertops are the most used element of a new cabinetry project but also the icing on the cake! They range from laminate and wood, to mother earths gift of granite and low maintenance gorgeous quartz. There seems to be a new and exciting colour or design released every few months and we are on the cutting edge of what is available.

“We always look at the function the space has to fulfill as well as the priority. Does budget drive the choice? Does the look? Or is it purely a maintenance choice? It usually ends up being a combination of one or two that leads us to the perfect option!”


Knobs & handles for each and every project are not only functional…but can be incredibly beautiful! There are so many options to consider and inspiration for the look can be derived from many different elements.

Faucet style or colour, appliances, lighting, or even adjacent furniture, can all pave a path to the perfect choice to compliment your cabinetry.


The texture tile offers to a space is second to none and the options are limitless. Not only does tile take the use and abuse of our most used spaces…but it adds beauty, warmth, and depth. It ties upper cabinets and lower cabinets together, creates a focal point, or adds an element of design customized to suit.  From lovely porcelains, metals, and glass, to natural stones and marbles…there are many specially selected options hand-picked to take your space to the next level.    

“Although cabinetry is my roots…tile really excites me! I can’t get enough of the endless options hitting the market in all the colours of the rainbow. The perfect tile can elevate our designs and create a whole new depth to the project.”