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Cottage Season is Upon Us!

Cottage Season is Upon Us!


As fresh spring air sweeps in early this year we are all reminded of our summer weekend retreat……the cottage! The ice is melting quickly here on Georgian Bay and soon we will all be gearing up to get back out on the water once again to head to all those special getaways.  Or perhaps your tucked in against one of the many beautiful lakes this area has to offer….Lake Joe, Rosseau, Six Mile Lake….the list is endless!  As I think of my love of cottage design and the playful relaxed atmosphere that we all love…I’m reminded of all the cottage kitchens I’ve designed over my years in this business.  There’s nothing like jumping in a boat and heading out to a cottage perched on a Georgian Bay rocky shoreline….it’s just not work!

I find my clients are a lot more free spirited and adventurous when designing their cottage kitchen.  They want it to feel much different than their kitchen at home.  Cottages usually come with a crowd and so the designing process is sometimes quite different.  The spaces are as unique as those that fill them!  Cottage kitchens can be warm and rustic, bright and beachy, or even be full of bright colours.
Have a peak at some of the cabinet doors we carry that are perfect for the cottage.  These vintage weathered doors are offered in layered, crackled paint finishes and even a reclaimed wood that looks liked aged lumber.

Click on the image below for larger view….

We love using these special finishes on pieces in the kitchen that we’ve made to look like furniture such as the island, a freestanding pantry, or even on an upper cabinet make to look like an antique medicine cabinet.  What about on a bench with hooks and drawer storage in the busy entryway of the cottage for all your sandals, towels, and raincoats?  These finishes will surely stand up to the use!  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever your cottage summer project is, if it involves the renovation of a cottage kitchen or bath, we are here to help!  Jump in your boat and make your way to our showroom on the shores of Georgian Bay in Midland.

Happy Cottaging Everyone!