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HGTV’s Sarah Richardson & Lindsay

HGTV’s Sarah Richardson & Lindsay

I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in HGTV’s Sarah’s Cottage with Sarah Richardson.  Along with the company I previously worked for, we created her personal cottage kitchen on a remote island in Georgian Bay.  Sarah was introduced to me through a contractor that I had a long relationship with and with whom I had completed many projects for.

Sarah RichardsonI spent countless hours working with Sarah, her team, & ours, pulling together the details of the design which also included entry way cabinets & a hall full of bright red cabinets that resembled lockers.

Sarah RichardsonWe worked with Sarah to create some unique elements of the design such as a custom crown detail on the top of the cabinets & framed vintage reclaimed paneling on the back of the kitchen peninsula.  And how about custom monogrammed doors!  Yes, it’s true!  Two doors had a letter “Y” routered into them as a surprise to Sarah’s husband.  Cabinets were lacquered in not one, not two, but THREE colours in the kitchen!

Being a cottage running solely on solar power, propane appliances were a reality of the project.  A propane powered fridge got a custom grill detail above the door to allow for proper airflow while still keeping the beauty of the cabinetry intact.  This kitchen has all the elements (and more!) of a gourmet kitchen & was designed to serve a cottage crowd!

One of the treats of the project was a plane ride back to mainland with Sarah’s husband Alexander at the controls.  I shared the back seat with the one & only Tommy Smythe, Sarah’s indispensible side kick, & took in the beautiful Georgian Bay scenery.  What an experience!

Although there was hours of taping with Sarah & her crew over the course of the project, it’s only a 30 minute episode.  If only kitchen renovations were that fast in reality!

Check out my television debut at

Click on episode “Kitchen/Dining Room/Lounge Part 1

Sarah Richardson

Sarah RichardsonSarah RichardsonSarah Richardson